Album review: Screaming Lights – ‘Like Angels’

Album review: Screaming Lights - 'Like Angels'

Goth-disco crossover that stumbles at first hurdle

[a]Screaming Lights[/a] are, apparently, just out of school. Four strapping young vanguards, heroically distilling the choicest elements of [a]White Lies[/a], [a]Editors[/a] and [b]‘Classic Chilled Ibiza’[/b] compilations to craft what can only be described as dancefloor goth-lite dirge that pays homage to the structural complexity of beginner-level Tetris. [/b]‘21st Century’[/b] sounds like a roadie soundchecking for [a]Little Boots[/a], while [b]‘Champagne Socialist’[/b] is a clunky swashbuckler lamenting disaffected youth. However, the undisputed highlight comes with the chorus of [b]‘Hello Tomorrow’[/b], where vocalist Jay Treadell delivers the devastating putdown [i]“you’re abrasively loud, just like a man”[/i]. How would he know?

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]

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