Seams – ‘Quarters’

Seams - 'Quarters'


Initially inspired by Beck and Tunng, ‘Quarters’ doesn’t map uncharted territory

It’s best to leave haughty techno purism at the door when confronted with the debut Seams album. James Welch, its creator, makes loop-based electronica from his Berlin base, but pays scant regard to the city’s club scene, and was initially inspired by Beck and Tunng. Despite this, ‘Quarters’ doesn’t map uncharted territory. Tracks are generally unhurried, bucolic and use lo-fi textures as tools. And unlike Four Tet, Seams’ most evident influence, Welch displays little dancefloor nous. Conversely, these cheerful jumbles of loops and kickdrums aren’t the kind of ambience you can sink into.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Full Time Hobby