Album Review: Sebastian – ‘Total’

Album Review: Sebastian - 'Total'


French modernity that comes tightly packaged with electro endeavours

Disappointed with new [a]Justice[/a]? Hankering after the clunky synth/vocoder clatter noises of 2007? Wish there were more albums in the world packed full of two-minute robo-funk interludes? Think the [i]NME[/i] New Rave tour is still going? Step out of your rusty time vortex and head right this way; French electro artist SebastiAn (the big A is mandatory) is here for all your outdated needs.

[b]‘Total’[/b] couldn’t be more mid-noughties if it came dressed in a geometric hoodie, and the result is a chopped-up, sample-heavy stew that’s a whole load of fun if the Tales Of The Jackalope shebang was your Haçienda. Now, whatever happened to Krazy Baldhead?

Tim Chester

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