Seekae – ‘+Dome’

Seekae - '+Dome'


A semi-regulated torrent of live loops and samples

Self-styled ‘ghetto ambient’ three-piece [a]Seekae[/a] like to work in contrasts. If opening track ‘Go’ sounds like a clockwork toy winding up, then the rest of ‘+Dome’ spews out a semi-regulated torrent of live loops and samples. At times, as on ‘Blood Bank’ or ‘Two’’s glitch-tipped shimmy-and-shuffle, the album’s overall trajectory feels directed by human hands. But just as often elements feel like they’ve been left to lie where they fall, such as on the swollen ‘Underling’ or the jerky ‘Yodal’, and the thing descends into chaos. Fellow Australians PVT – as Pivot – tried with similar material but arrived too early to catch on; current trends might see Seekae faring better.

[i]Simon Jay Catling[/i]


Director: Chris Clark
Record label: Rice Is Nice
Release date: 27 Feb, 2012