Album Review: Sennen – ‘Age Of Denial’ (Hungry Audio)

Album Review: Sennen - 'Age Of Denial' (Hungry Audio)


Expansive exploits that channels the splendour of Spiritualized

Having purloined their name from a song title belonging to [b]Ride[/b], who borrowed it from a rugged Cornish cove, it’s no surprise [b]Sennen[/b] have co-opted a sound that is far removed from their home in the Norwich fens. Expansive rather than parochial, [b]‘Age…’[/b] straddles the Atlantic, assimilating US sun-drenched harmony pop while espousing shoegazey noise from these shores. At best they channel [a]Spiritualized[/a] and take them some place new, like on gorgeous [b]‘Broken Promise’[/b], while at worst they retread ground vigorously tromped by [a]The Stone Roses[/a]. While they may deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as [a]Animal Collective[/a], they can also deviate, coming over like a baggy [b]Byrds[/b] mishmash.

[b]Jeremy Allen[/b]

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