Album Review: Serena Maneesh – ‘No 2: Abyss In B Minor’ (4AD)

Album Review: Serena Maneesh - 'No 2: Abyss In B Minor' (4AD)


The soundtrack to dark times ahead

Under the cloud of impending Conservative rule, a shitted economy and a BBC that’s frankly gone mad, you need a soundtrack that catches the mood of a nation. Step forward shoegaze miserablists [b]Serena Maneesh[/b]. Recorded in a cave near Oslo, natch, this gloriously dark second album begins with the dystopia of [b]‘Ayisha Abyss’[/b] – relentless drums and discordant keyboards with all the beauty of being trapped in an abandoned Siberian power station. [a]My Bloody Valentine[/a] would be proud, as would [b]Asobi Seksu[/b] for the odd girl-vocal whimsy. There are lighter moments, like the urgent rock wig-out of [b]‘Blow Yr Brains In The Mourning Rain’[/b]. What?! These are dark times, you know…

[b]Matt Warwick[/b]

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