Album Review: Seth Lakeman – ‘Hearts & Minds’ (Virgin/Relentless)

Album Review: Seth Lakeman - 'Hearts & Minds' (Virgin/Relentless)


A radically unprofound offering

[b]Seth Lakeman[/b], the Mercury-nominated [b]Michael Bublé[/b] of fiddle-playing folk, is back with his fifth solo album. A fact that only raises one question: why hasn’t someone assassinated him yet? While it’s undeniable that his heart’s in the right place, on [b]‘Spinning Days’[/b] he sings about how sad it is that soldiers die during wars, which is something so radically unprofound it’s the only common philosophical ground shared by Mother Teresa, Conan The Barbarian and Adolf Hitler. A good looking and youthful fiddler he may be but this doesn’t alter the fact that he’s a web-fingered, your-dad’s-your-sister, born-in-a-barn, fiddle-aye-po cock.

[b]John Doran[/b]

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