Album Review: Shakespears Sister – ‘Songs From The Red Room’ (Cargo)


A kitsch success harnessing the best of late electro

Back in 1992, [b]Shakespears Sister[/b] released succulent duet [b]‘Stay’[/b], the only chart-topper in the history of goth: similarly mordant fare loads the rich table of [b]‘Songs…’[/b]. For this unexpected late flowering, though, the histrionics of that Number One are replaced by nail-scratch electronics, [b]Siobhan Fahey[/b]’s voice flapping above turrets of synths manned by robots in pointy brassieres. It’s a slightly kitsch success, harnessing the best of late electro to Fahey’s spells. Stand-out track [b]‘Bad Blood’[/b] might mark the first moment when someone has attempted to combine the delirious vocal melody of [b]Donna Summer[/b]’s [b]‘I Feel Love’[/b] with the garrulous fizz of [b]The Fall[/b] in their poppiest phase.

[b]Luke Turner[/b]