Album review: Shakira – ‘She Wolf’

Album review: Shakira - 'She Wolf'


A pop phenomenon that bites back

Simply churning out average pop will not do these days. That’s why [b]Sugababes[/b]’ recent spot of shapeshifting was no big boo-hoo; they’ve been dull as fuck for years. Imagine that last atrocity, [b]‘Get Sexy’[/b], rubbing up against the bonkers, genre-bending anthems of [b]Gaga[/b] and this little lady. The shame of it! You see, eccentricity is a must when it comes to pop music, and [a]Shakira[/a] has it by the bucketload. So we’re pleased to report that her third English-sung studio effort is as nutty as ever; combining Neptunes-esque beats with flamenco, post-punk riffs, synths, Arabian strings, gongs and disco. And then there’s the lyrics; one minute Shaki’s a [b]‘Spy’[/b], the next a [b]‘She Wolf’[/b] howling in a, umm, closet. Just nod and smile.

[b]Camilla Pia[/b]