Sharks – ‘No Gods’

Sharks - 'No Gods'


This long-awaited debut does not disappoint

Ever since these Leamington Spa punks’ raw, self-released 2008 EP ‘Shallow Waters’ turned the surf red, we’ve been waiting hungrily for their debut full-length. Luckily, ‘No Gods’ doesn’t disappoint. ‘Arcane Effigies’ is a blissful, guitar-driven paean to young adulthood, but with enough grit to soundtrack the next of Shane Meadows’ cinematic efforts. The title track offers a sprinkle of liberal thinking – hey, why worship anyone but yourself? – while ‘Luck’ radiates with Americana-teased strings, frontman James Mattock singing “[i]All of my life I lost to luck[/i]”, his glum observation delivered with a melodic purr. We’re guessing his luck is set to change.

[i]Kelly Murray[/i]


Director: Brian McTernan
Record label: Rise
Release date: 19 Mar, 2012