Album Review: Sharleen Spiteri – ‘The Movie Songbook’ (Mercury)

More Tannoy music for upscale supermarket chains

One tries to keep an open mind in this game, but honestly, [b]Sharleen Spiteri[/b] doing covers of classic movie soundtrack songs? Why not just turn up on the NME CD pile with a big ‘KICK ME’ sign Sellotaped to your back? The sheer scale of the delusion of a woman whose name is a byword for MOR mediocrity, in thinking that she can reinvigorate classics like [b]‘If I Can’t Have You’[/b] and [b]‘Windmills Of Your Mind’[/b], defies the very furthest limits of human belief. The latter is a particularly ghastly desecration as Sharleen plays it all kittenish, and [b]Berlin[/b]’s [b]‘Take My Breath Away’[/b] translated into Spiteri’s signature country-lite snooze is similarly awful. Stick to making Tannoy music for upscale supermarket chains, love.

[b]Pete Cashmore[/b]