Album Review: She & Him – ‘A Very She & Him Christmas’

Album Review: She & Him - 'A Very She & Him Christmas'


It's a coiled turd of a record.

Christmas brings out the best in some: Scrooge, that pigeon woman in [i]Home Alone 2[/i] and – yup – [b]Zooey Deschanel[/b]. A dreadful pleb in most movies (I’m looking at you, [i](500) Days Of Summer[/i]), give her a sprinkling of [i]Elf[/i] powder and she transforms into a lovable seraph, giftwrapped by Santa himself. Alas, this coiled turd of a record undoes all that good work. Zooey’s breathy delivery sounds like a Sainsbury’s ad, while [b]M Ward[/b] grumbles on like the pissed-up uncle everyone hates. Feeling like a Grinch? Stick this in someone’s stocking this holiday and watch their soul split in two.

[i]Mike Williams[/i]


Director: M. Ward
Record label: Merge
Release date: 25 Oct, 2011