Album Review: She Keeps Bees – ‘Dig On’

Album Review: She Keeps Bees - 'Dig On'


Raw and invincible vocals

This album may have been laid down in a log cabin in the back of North America’s beyond, but if you’re expecting soppy musings akin to [a]Bon Iver[/a]’s first effort, think again. Feeding the rawness of early [a]PJ Harvey[/a] through the [a]Yeah Yeah Yeahs[/a]’ experimental but always pop-tilted sonics, this Brooklyn bedroom-blues duo’s earthy and exact clatter is imposingly atmospheric.

At times recalling [b]Florence Welch[/b] – before her indoctrination into the white witches of The Order of Enya – it’s Jess Larrabee’s languorous vocals which bring the sparser tracks like [b]‘Blind To The Cup’[/b] and [b]‘Burn’[/b] to life. In the already intoxicating [b]‘See Me’[/b] and [b]‘Sister Beware’[/b], she’s damn near invincible.

Leonie Cooper

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