Shrag – ‘Canines’

Shrag - 'Canines'


A feisty offering which showcases some great songwriting

Bucking the trend of many a fast-imploding lo-fi press darling, Shrag come out with fists swinging on their third LP. There’s some palpable songwriting muscle on show right from the off, with opener ‘Tears Of A Landlord’ delivering an unsettling, gothic footstomp underneath its disquieting refrain of “[i]I think about death when you genuflect[/i]”. Beyond the album’s halfway mark, the one-two punch of ‘You’re The Shout’ and ‘That’s Static!’ have such direct, insistent hooks they could be mistaken for ’90s indie darlings Lush at their most buoyant. One thing’s for sure: Shrag may smile sweetly, but on ‘Canines’ they take no small pleasure in bearing their collective teeth.

[i]Tom Edwards[/i]


Director: Andy Miller
Record label: Fortuna Pop!/ Wiaiwya
Release date: 02 Jul, 2012