Simian Ghost – ‘Youth’

Simian Ghost - 'Youth'


A smorgasbord of top tunes

While listening to the title track off Simian Ghost’s second album, ‘Youth’, you might well find yourself quickly writing off Sandviken native Sebastian Arnström as a Swedish Fleet Fox. You would, however, be a bit of an arse to tar him with that beardy, bristly folk brush.

Y’see, that track’s obvious vocal comparison to Robin Pecknold aside, its Animal Collective bleep-pop is just one of heaps of interesting nuances in his sound, from the Washed Out chillwave vibe of ‘Automation’ to the excellent ‘The Capitol’, on which he narrows the fretboard for some nice Bloc Party-esque guitarlines. There’s a smorgasbord of top tunes here.

[i]Jamie Crossan[/i]


Director: Sebastian Arnström
Record label: Heist Or Hit
Release date: 05 Mar, 2012