Album Review: Simian Mobile Disco, ‘Delicacies’ (Delicacies)

Album Review: Simian Mobile Disco, 'Delicacies' (Delicacies)


A shining techno comeback

If last year’s [b]‘Temporary Pleasure’[/b] LP sounded suspiciously like [b]James Shaw[/b] and [b]James Ford[/b] phoning in guest-strewn rent-paying attempted chart humpers, [b]‘Delicacies’[/b] just about ’fesses up to the whole sorry mess. Binning commercial concerns to instead boot us headlong into a dark, dirty techno dive, the duo regain stride, collating eight choice bangers from the nosh-themed 12-inch series they’ve issued over the past year on their own imprint. Whipping up a surplus of creeping, insistent sophistication – climaxing with ping-ponging head-wrecker ‘Aspic’ – you can once again envisage techno overlords such as [b]Sven Väth[/b] dropping SMD, rather than daytime radio DJs.

[b]David Westle[/b]

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