Album review: Simone White – ‘Yakiimo’

Album review: Simone White - 'Yakiimo'


Songwriter too strange to be just a pretty voice

Wandering singer-songwriter Simone White returned to Nashville to record this second album, working with producer Mark Nevers from Lambchop. It has a gentle country swing, but it’s not soft music. These are songs rich in yearning, despair and very American symbolism. It’s a deceptive listen; you want it to be gorgeous, but Simone constantly trips you up with flashes of real darkness.

A picture forms of a slightly unhinged woman with a black sense of humour. ‘Bunny In A Bunny Suit’ is the bizarre title of the opener and on the standout, ‘Victoria Anne’, she sings, “You gave me ringworm, scabies and the lice”. That song gets right under your skin. Others don’t, but she always gives you an itch to carry on listening.

Phil Hebblethwaite

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