Album review: Slash – ‘Slash’ (Roadrunner)

Album review: Slash - 'Slash' (Roadrunner)


What took him so long? You might well wonder...

[a]Slash[/a]’s solo debut proper raises many questions. Most pressingly: why now? The top-hatted riff lord could comfortably have defecated this rock teambuilding exercise 15 years ago, immediately post-[a]Guns N’Roses[/a]. Sans any singing skills, he invites old-timers from Ozzy to Lemmy to ’jack the mic with resultant chemistry of a mail-order wedding. And, back in the 21st century, even Axl Rose would likely circumnavigate [a]Fergie[/a] and [a]Matchbox 20[/a]’s lead douchebag. Biggest irony? A trillion bucks’ worth of vocal talent can’t top ‘Watch This’, a crunching Dave Grohl-embellished instrumental jam. Sounds like a convenient juncture to give Axl a reconciliatory ring, fella.

[b]Adam Kennedy[/b]

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