Album review: Sleeping States – ‘In The Gardens Of The North’

Album review: Sleeping States - 'In The Gardens Of The North'


Songcraft pushed into strange and new territories

Markland Starkie’s ability to push sonic boundaries while articulating man’s relationship with nature is astounding. And there’s the sense that on this third album the former one-man band is finally roaming free in a world of limitless possibility, thanks in part to a budget that’s more than 5p and the addition of a four-piece band. And, although it’s heavy with dissonant experiments, the highlights are where Starkie takes conventional song structures and pushes them into more interesting places. Like the threading, gently bruised ‘Red King’ and closer ‘The Cartographer’, which sounds like Stephen Malkmus slowly melting. An album of rejuvenating beauty.

[b]Priya Elan[/b]

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