Social Distortion


Greatest Hits

A bit of housekeeping: 1) Orange County hardcore heroes Social Distortion never, ever had a hit. 2) Six of the nine songs on this record have been re-recorded by the band’s present line-up, meaning you don’t get to hear 1996’s ‘When The Angels Sing’ driven by the drumming of hardcore’s greatest ever drummer, Chuck Biscuits (the Social’s drummer that year). 3) If you come round to our house, we’ll burn you a better ‘best of’ than this (and we’ll include ‘The Creeps (I Just Wanna Give You)’, the band’s best song which is bizarrely absent here). That said, Social Distortion are one of the greatest punk rock bands ever and in Mike Ness (the only member who’s made it through from their inception in 1978) they possess one of the greatest songwriters the genre has known. This is a flawed starting point, but whatever gets you on the road to discovery is fine with us.

James McMahon