Album Review: Solar Bears – She Was Coloured In

Album Review: Solar Bears - She Was Coloured In


The Dublin duo create an other-wordly cosmic love-in between sounds

Since disco’s colonisation by hirsute Scandinavians it’s become far cooler to hoard records with

galaxy vistas on their sleeves than it should be. Dublin duo [a]Solar Bears[/a] may follow a similar path to [b]Prins Thomas[/b] et al – stretching sheer synths and languid beats into prog oblivion – but they plot the course with sun spots in their eyes. The results are charming, taking Vangelis-style futurism (‘[b]Twin Stars[/b]’), cosmic disco galvinised from overdriven guitar flourishes (‘[b]Crystalline[/b]’), and, most gloriously, pastoral romanticism that sounds like it’s been stripped from a decayed VHS copy of Le Mepris (‘[b]Cub[/b]’). Totally uncool. Totally brilliant.

[b]Louise Brailey[/b]

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