Album review: Spiral Stairs – ‘The Real Feel’ (Domino)

Album review: Spiral Stairs - 'The Real Feel' (Domino)


Pavement guitarist shows there's more than a reunion up his sleeve

A lot can happen to a musician in five years. Often they’ll return ploughing a different musical furrow. Or, if they’re [a]Spiral Stairs[/a], they’ll have simply changed their name. Not that we’re complaining – former (and soon to be again, come the reunion) [a]Pavement[/b] guitarist Scott Kannberg has dropped his [b]Preston Of School Industry[/b] moniker, but the ramshackle guitars are still present, especially on opener [b]‘True Love’[/b], while his shaky voice still tells us tales of relationship trauma. He sometimes takes the long road to Weirdsville, as on the sublime [b]‘Subiaco Shuffle’[/b], which sounds like a distant cousin of his old band. No surprises here, but it’s hard to fault Kannberg’s strongest solo album yet.

[b]Tom Pinnock[/b]

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