Album review: Spoon – Transference (Anti)

Album review: Spoon - Transference (Anti)


The Texas natives' seventh album should finally give them the UK success they deserve

Like [a]Wilco[/a], Texas’ [a]Spoon[/a] have long attempted to mix rock accessibility with wild experimentation. Unlike [b]Jeff Tweedy[/b]’s gang, though, their efforts haven’t really been embraced over this side of the pond. Shame, as this, their seventh album, might be one of their best, with the band and leader [b]Britt Daniel[/b] sounding as energised and playful as a puppy. The best songs could almost be an updating of [a]The Beatles[/a]’ ‘[b]White Album[/b]’. Epic ‘[b]I Saw The Light[/b]’ builds for nearly three minutes before changing time signature and launching into a circling, apocalyptic groove [a]Spoon[/a]’s namesakes [a]Can[/a] would approve of, while highlight ‘[b]Written In Reverse[/b]’ is a weird bluesy piano rocker with hoarse howls and drunkenly compelling guitar.

[b]Tom Pinnock[/b]

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