Album Review: State Broadcasters

Album Review: State Broadcasters


The Ship And The Iceberg

Facts about this album:

* State Broadcasters are Graeme Black on guitar and vocals, Pete MacDonald on piano and trombone and Fergus MacDonald on drums.

* ‘The Ship And The Iceberg’ is their debut album and is released on the Electric Honey label that launched Belle & Sebastian.

Album review:

A bookish Scottish mob offering whimsical songs with titles such as ‘Let’s Make T-shirts’ and lines about “shagging” – flaccid thrusts, more like – to The Smiths’ ‘Hatful Of Hollow’? Run for the Cairngorms and lock up the orange squash, because SB are here to pin their homemade badge on B&S’ cardigan-wearing indie, lacking only the sparkle or wit. In a bid to capture the zeitgeist they try some Americana, but can’t save an album that’s overwhelmingly fey, twee, and smugly satisfied with its own cleverness.

Luke Turner

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