Stereophonics – ‘Graffiti On The Train’

Stereophonics - 'Graffiti On The Train'


There’s little to get excited about here

That the first Stereophonics LP since the death of former drummer Stuart Cable is bleak isn’t a surprise. Fumbling with an industrial version of their no messin’ pub rock on ‘Catacomb’ and ‘In A Moment’, it’s evident they’re trying for QOTSA, but they come over more like Status Quo’s denim frotting against Rammstein’s leather. Other misfires come in the title track’s overwrought attempt at a symphonic Bond theme, and the shaky pastiche of Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell’s sweet and sour vocal interplay on ‘Take Me’. The deft Tom Petty chug of ‘Indian Summer’ is anthemic enough, but there’s little else to get excited about.

Leonie Cooper


Director: Kelly Jones, Jim Lowe
Record label: Stylus Records
Release date: 04 Mar, 2013