Album review: Steve Bug – ‘Collaboratory’

Album review: Steve Bug - 'Collaboratory'


Truly forward-thinking electronica for all

Buy DJ/producer Steve Bug’s fourth album and you’re not just choosing 11 tracks of evocative electronic music. You are choosing Sónar over Glastonbury; laptops over guitars; Berlin over Ibiza; evolution over inertia. You are choosing multicultural, unisex European techno over small-minded British guitar bands. You are choosing to see music, not in terms of The Beatles and the Stones or even Kraftwerk and Can, but as a matter of curiosity, where elements of neo-soul, modern classical or dubstep can all be deployed in what you might call electronic pop. You are choosing to reject easy nostalgia for the alien drama of ‘Strong Moment’ or ‘Passing Clouds’. You are choosing excitement and feeling over death.

[b]Tony Naylor[/b]

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