Album review: Steve Cradock


The Kundalini Target

Facts about this album:

As well as his former life in Ocean Colour Scene, Steve Cradock has played guitar on all of Paul Weller’s solo albums.

The original working title for the ‘The Kundalini Target’ was ‘Beware Of Falling Rocks’

Steve Cradock’s police officer dad later became his manager.

Album review:

NME once encountered Steve Cradock, back when his band Ocean Colour Scene were TFI Friday-soundtracking ace faces. He swaggered up to a bar and demanded of the barman, “Got any wine for the big man?” despite being only about five-foot-two. A perfect analogy for this solo debut – it thinks it’s way better than it is, from the preposterous Liam Gallagher quote on the cover saying it’s “a modern day ‘All Things Must Pass’” to the cover itself, a pale imitation of mentor Paul Weller’s ‘Stanley Road’ featuring some badly Photoshopped pop art ephemera. It starts with a passable cover of ’60s classic ‘Something Better’, but it’s all downhill after that. ‘It’s Transcendental’ is anything but and the remainder is neither big nor clever. Nathaniel Cramp