Album Reviews: Still Flyin’

Album Reviews: Still Flyin'


Never Gonna Touch The Sky

Album review:

It’s kind of cheating to call yourselves “a party band” when you number a gigantic 15 members. Fifteen!? No-one else could show up to see you, ever, and you’d still have a decent-sized party. To their credit though, San Franciscan ‘supergroup’ Still Flyin’ are a silly, dumb blast of a bash worth attending. There are, as you might expect, a plethora of musical styles – reggae, punk, gospel, shoutalong euphoro-pop – all fighting to be heard, but the likes of ‘Forever Dudes’ and – yeah! – ‘Aerosmith Take Me… To The Other Side’ are as much fun as you might imagine. Played at stupid o’clock in one of the littlest festival tents this summer, this debut is guaranteed to see at least 16 people go apeshit.

Hamish MacBain

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