Album review: Stricken City – ‘Songs About People I Know’

Album review: Stricken City - 'Songs About People I Know'


Sweetly shambolic indie-pop to fall in love with

If this was the early ’80s [a]Stricken City[/a] would be labelmates of [a]Orange Juice[/a], as this mini-album features eight of the prettiest, shambling C86-style pop nuggets since the Postcard era. Intentionally angular and amateurish, [b]‘Pull The House Down’[/b], [b]‘Five Metres Apart’[/b] and [b]‘Killing Time’[/b] offer skittish, playful guitar lines, fidgety bass and one-finger keyboards, all deliciously cut with Rebekah Raa’s striking, spectral chirrup, which is more than a little reminiscent of Sugarcubes-era Björk. With gawky, naive charm in abundance, this will be an album to make many

a student sigh dreamily as they lovingly scrawl I Heart Stricken City onto their pencil cases in Tippex.

[b]Tessa Harris[/b]