Album Review: Subsource – ‘Tales From The Doombox’ (Doombox)

Album Review: Subsource - 'Tales From The Doombox' (Doombox)


Fusing dubstep with cyber metal with great aplomb

“Something sinister is rising on the horizon”, declares [b]MC Kimba[/b], and he’s probably right. Entering [b]Subsource[/b]’s world is like battling a land of club-dwelling, genre-melting vampires; if you’re not prepared, you’ll be trippin’ worse than if you’d necked a bad dose of herbal highs. Rock bands playing dance music is nothing new, but there’s an intrigue surrounding [b]Subsource[/b] because they succeed where [b]Innerpartysystem[/b] and [b]Pendulum[/b] don’t deliver. Perhaps it’s their conviction for social injustice via a group-vocal exploration of electro reggae. With added dubstep and ravers’ cyber metal in check, these lads have got fusions nailed like [b]The Prodigy[/b] teaching a noise violation seminar to [b]Sonic Boom Six[/b].

[b]Kelly Murray[/b]