Album Review: Sucioperro

Album Review: Sucioperro


Pain Agency

Album review:

Named after the practice of fellating canines before they appear at Crufts to stop them savaging judges, Sucioperro know all about being underdogs. OK, their name means ‘dirty dogs’ in Spanish, but they’ve been tour support to countless groups – including Rueben and Fightstar – and singer JP is one half of Marmaduke Duke with Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro. Now with their second album, ‘Pain Agency’, they’re creating excitement in their own right. For the most part they eschew the limitations of emo trends and draw inspiration from epic Brit rock. ‘I Have Reached My Limit’ is a combo of Muse and Queen dynamics; ‘Liquids’ follows the progressive route of Oceansize and ‘Mum’s Bad Punk Music’ is Biffster heavy. The mutt’s nuts indeed.

John Doran

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