Album Review: Sun Airway – Nocturne Of Exploded Crystal Chandelier (Dead Oceans)


Tuneful but mismatched

The chillaxing enterprise of Philadelphia duo [b]Patrick Marsciell[/b] and [b]Jon Bathmus[/b], [a]Sun Airway[/a]’s inaugural effort sounds like your dad’s attempts to muscle in on your glo-fi collection 12 months too late. [a]Coldplay[/a] meets [a]Toro Y Moi[/a], [a]Empire Of The Sun[/a] meets [a]Animal Collective[/a] — there’s not a commercial/edgy mismatch too far for this lot, whose use of swaddling synth washes and skittering drum patterns can’t disguise a polite conservatism at work here. It’s tuneful enough but, really, the case for the dismantling of 2010’s nostalgic apparatus starts here. Less hypnagogic pop, more over-the-hillwave.

[b]Alex Denney[/b]