Superfood – ‘MAM’ EP

Superfood - 'MAM' EP


'90s inspired Brummies retread old ground on debut EP

Superfood are nostalgic for something they never had. As frontman Dom Ganderton snarls “How am I t’ah dreeeeeam without tha TV on?” on the Brummie foursome’s first EP, his pangs of boredom point to a lack of ideas, a search for enlightenment in times gone by. The results are such a ’90s pastiche, it’s clear the band just spent a hangover chewing over old episodes of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush on VHS and chanting to Supergrass cassettes. The clattering drums and indie twangs mean fuck all – Superfood’s imitations are totally uninspired. And yet, when they reproduce the careless ramble of their shambolic gigs – as on ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Melting’ – you’ll forget to ask such questions as: wait, what year are we in?

Eve Barlow


Record label: Infectious
Release date: 03 Mar, 2014