Album Review: Surf City – Kudos (Fire)

Album Review: Surf City - Kudos (Fire)


Don't let the initial apathy fool you - Kudos is peppered with exciting moments

Though it was widely anticipated that Bradford Cox would become one of the noughties’ more influential artists, few considered that most of his protégés would do away with [a]Deerhunter[/a]’s noble experimentalism in lieu of standering whimsically behind drippy reverb. [a]Surf City[/a] spend the first third of ‘[b]Kudos[/b]’ hanging out with that same apathetic throng, but then surprise with a handful of genuinely exciting moments. ‘[b]Icy Lakes[/b]’ is a warmly immersive eight minutes built on stoical motorik while ‘[b]In Times Of Approach[/b]’ is a focused stab at rabble rousing dream-pop anthemia, proving that the New Zealand four-piece give a shit more than it first appeared.

[b]Simon Jay Catling[/b]

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