Album review: Taio Cruz – ‘Rokstarr’

Album review: Taio Cruz - 'Rokstarr'


He thinks he's a bad boy, but he's more suited to soppiness

These are odd times we’re living in, where rappers think they’re profoundly interesting ([a]Kanye West[/a]); pop tarts think they’re ladies ([a]Girls Aloud[/a]) and overly sincere crooners think they’re rokstarrs (sic). Take [a]Taio Cruz[/a], a man more lost than [b]Daniel Merriweather[/b] in a sea of emotional confusion, using vocal effects more tinny than [b]Akon[/b] and possessing slightly more sex appeal than [b]JLS[/b] basted in turkey grease by [b]Louis Walsh[/b]. And although Cruz’s downfall comes when he acts the player ([b]‘Break Your Heart’[/b], [b]‘Dirty Picture’[/b]), it’s obvious his real talent comes when he exchanges vocal manipulation for balladeering as on [b]‘Falling In Love’[/b], and disregards romantic cynicism for a rather hopeful [b]‘The 11th Hour’[/b].

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]