Tara Jane O’Neil – ‘Where Shine New Lights’

Tara Jane O’Neil - 'Where Shine New Lights'


The words that pour from Tara Jane O’Neil's honeyed throat feel as steady as the passing of time

The hum of Tara Jane O’Neil’s six-string is one of life’s perennial comforts, and the words that pour from her honeyed throat feel as steady as the passing of time. Once of fabled post-rock group Rodan, a sometime collaborator with Mount Eerie and Sebadoh, O’Neill’s sixth sounds both settled and intensely familiar, with the sense little time has passed since 2009’s ‘A Ways Away’. ‘Where Shine New Lights’ largely comprises cyclical compositions that plateau blissfully, but there’s moments of traditional songcraft such as ‘The Lull The Going’, a gentle lullaby with finger-picked melody and a sweetly cooed vocal. Whether writing songs or constructing soundscapes, she’s an expert in painting moods, and on closer ‘New Lights For A Sky,’ haunting cymbals shimmer under crisp guitar lines in tender farewell.

Hayley Avron


Record label: Kranky