Album review: Tartufi

Album review: Tartufi


Nests Of Wave And Wire

This is huge. Imagine Animal Collective boxing their way out of rock’s paper bag without putting down their guitars first and you have it, crudely. Tracks such as ‘Engineering’ and ‘Hole Or Space’ breach the 10-minute barrier, minimalism shunned as the San Franciscans charge from played-with-shards-of-broken-glass guitar to crescendos that manage, somehow, to sound both jubilant and doomed. It’s an oddball mixture made even odder by the numbers: Tartufi are just two but sound like 12. Drummer Brian Gorman must have arms like continents, while the way Lynne Angel loops her vocals makes it seem like three personalities are battling it out for possession of her throat. Hold

on to your brains…

Kev Kharas

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