Album Review: Teebs – Ardours (Brainfeeder)

Album Review: Teebs - Ardours (Brainfeeder)


Teebs' loving meticulousness crafts an album akin to beautiful art

It isn’t surprising to learn that electronica artist [b]Teebs[/b], hailing from Los Angeles’ Chino Hills, is also a devoted painter. On ‘[b]Ardours[/b]’, the 23-year-old pores over each of his 18 tracks with a loving meticulousness, starting many on a sparse canvas and then filling them with fragile melodic loops, smattering glitchy beats and minimal low-freq. Picking apart the LP reveals little more than these delicate foundations, yet, as in ‘[b]Moments[/b]’’ fluttering piano trills, the way they coalesce together in his palette to form short segments of flickering beauty gives the work an unconstrained, opulent presence that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

[b]Simon Jay Catling[/b]

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