Teengirl Fantasy – ‘Tracer’

Teengirl Fantasy - 'Tracer'


A nest of treasures from the US duo

This duo’s debut ‘7am’ threw a nostalgic blanket over a heap of styles, blending chillwave, post-dubstep and the house/disco revivalism that’s become so hip. ‘Tracer’ develops their sound in every direction – except the disco/house revivalism. More ambitious, more experimental, more confident, it adds muscle and sophistication. Panda Bear turns in a deliciously wonky vocal on ‘Pyjama’, while Hyperdub bass mistress Laurel Halo helps make ‘Mist Of Time’’s complex, looping electronica. The only clanger is ‘Do It’, which may have been conceived as a knowing tribute to ‘the club’, but provokes only a groaning lunge for the skip button. This aside, it’s a nest of treasures.

Adam Corner


Record label: True Panther
Release date: 20 Aug, 2012