Album review: Telegraphs – ‘We Were Ghosts’

Album review: Telegraphs - 'We Were Ghosts'


No crossed wires here - they're awesome

When Brighton gave us Blood Red Shoes, we almost vomited happiness. So with Britain’s favourite seaside music haunt delivering another ace indie-rock band with yet more heart-exploding, emotionally pumped choruses, we’re more than ready to hit the beach. And Telegraphs will frigging burn you. All at once their youthful-yet-wise melodies tell tales of lustrous struggles, crippling love and determination to escape to

a happier sense of self. Stubbornly tugging between frustrating shouts and overriding harmonies as heard on ‘I Don’t Navigate By You’, they simply ooze anthems. You can list many British rock bands in Telegraphs’ sound: point is, they’re making their own.

Kelly Murray

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