Album review: Telekinesis – ‘Telekinesis!’

Album review: Telekinesis - 'Telekinesis!'


Under-the-radar indie with big balls and the songs to match

This is one of those little American indie gems that’ll never break into the T4/Radio 1/MTV axis of evil, but which people who discover it will cling to like a lifebuoy in a sea of shit. Telekinesis is Seattle’s michael lerner, who plays all the instruments on this album, and if that sounds painstaking, the result is the opposite; this is immediate power-pop full of an exuberance notably lacking amid guitar bands on these shores at the moment. ‘Tokyo’ is a rip-roaring early-Strokesy song which uses an excitable melody to express just how much he likes Tokyo, ‘Coast Of Carolina’ is The Shins meets The Knack and

‘Great Lakes’ a tasty wad of Vaselines. Simply put: an album stuffed with great, joyful songs.

[b]Martin Robinson[/b]

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