Teleman – ‘Breakfast’

Teleman - 'Breakfast'


Weedy politeness holds former Pete & The Pirates members back

Teleman formed from the ashes of Pete & The Pirates, perennial nearly-men of the mid-00s. With indie-rock’s middle tier more squeezed than ever, the London outfit’s chances of success in 2014 seem sadly remote — and ‘Breakfast’, for all its modest attractions, never quite transcends its talented-journeyman origins. ‘Cristina’ is the lead track and standout, a downbeat slice of organ-led psych worthy of Metronomy’s recent ‘Love Letters’ album. ‘23 Floors Up’ is a worthy second; its Bowie-like reverie bolstered by swooning production from former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. But there’s a weedy politeness at work here which suggests that, whatever Teleman have been eating for breakfast of late, it sure as hell isn’t Weetabix.

Alex Denney