Album Review: Tennis – Cape Dory

Album Review: Tennis - Cape Dory


The rebel within needs to mix things up on this (borderline dull) summer release

Escapism is, of course, for the weak. But sometimes it’s nice to be pathetic, and if [a]Tennis[/a]’ backstory puts you warily in mind of those people who work half the year in pubs to spend the rest in Indonesia stocking up on insufferability, the results of married couple Alaina and Patrick’s eight-month voyage on a boat round the American coast are far more agreeable.

Not just there for the blog posts in life, the hip-shimmying likes of the featherweight summer doowoop of [b]‘Take Me Somewhere’[/b] and the finger-clicking crush-flush of [b]‘Marathon’[/b] are like [a]Best Coast[/a] after a week off the weed breathing in lungfuls of fresh ocean air. A little shade among the sugary rays might not go astray, but maybe that’s just the goth in me talking.

Emily Mackay

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