Terror Danjah – ‘Dark Crawler’

Terror Danjah - 'Dark Crawler'


A triumphant record from one of grime's founding fathers

One of grime’s founding fathers, Terror Danjah, stands among the ever-changing genre’s most important figures. When grime first hit the headlines a decade ago, Terror was there producing some of the sound’s finer early moments, but his efforts remained largely unsung until his 2010 debut, ‘Undeniable’, for the Burial-launching Hyperdub label. After two years of helping to drive grime’s resurgence, ‘Dark Crawler’ is a triumphant follow-up from the London producer, packed with energetic instrumentals and punctuated by vocal features from the likes of Trim, Riko and Ruber Lee-Ryder. It might have taken a decade, but this feels like grime finally beginning to grasp its vast potential.

Jon Cook