Album review: The Acorn – ‘No Ghost’ (Bella Union)

Album review: The Acorn - 'No Ghost' (Bella Union)


Mighty oaks of sound to be discovered

[a]The Acorn[/a]’s UK debut, [b]‘Glory Hope Mountain’[/b], was one of 2008’s under-appreciated gems – a certain Guy Garvey thought so, naming it as one of his favourite LPs of that year. [b]‘No Ghost’[/b] continues in the same glorious, uplifting vein; [b]‘On The Line’[/b] or [b]‘Restoration’[/b] would sound very much at home on that record – but this time around the [a]Beirut[/a]-style pastoral folk is mixed up with heavy dollops of rawk guitar, swathes of feedback and propulsive percussion. They’ve not quite turned into Deep Purple (despite a reference to the rock legends’ classic [b]‘Smoke On The Water’[/b] in ‘Bob Goldwraith’), but still: from tiny Acorns, indie-folk behemoths grow.

[b]Rob Webb[/b]

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