Album review: The Answer


Everyday Demons

Facts about this album:

* The Answer’s first ever tour of North America was as the opening act for AC/DC’s Black Ice Juggernaut jaunt.

* On the Late Show, David Letterman proclaimed “The Answer: single handedly keeping rock’n’roll alive”.

* The Answer hail from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, also home to pop-punk heroes Ash.

If the question is “Who are a band who illustrate the power of [I]Guitar Hero[/I] to shift public taste towards genres that work well within it,” then Ulster’s The Answer are your answer. As precision-riffing acts such as DragonForce watch their sales swell, with ‘Rise’ featured on both the game and the December TV ads, The Answer have been thrown a lifeline simply by being a new band who’re more classic rock than old classic rock. They’re rubbish, of course. Their default position is to panel it: hard-driving Zep-worship so unvarying in its pace that ‘Everyday Demons’ comes on like one long undead riff plus a lot of yawled guff about about being an ‘Evil Man’ with ‘Demon Eyes’. Come back, Wolfmother, all is forgiven.

Gavin Haynes