Album Review: The Avett Brothers – ‘I And Love And You’

Album Review: The Avett Brothers - 'I And Love And You'


An unconvincing stab at mainstream country

Six albums in, and a move to a major label finds the Avett siblings in dubious territory. Buoyed by years of toilet circuit success, the clumsily titled [b]‘I And Love And You’[/b] is essentially the band’s first shot at big-time success. It’s a grandiose ([b]Rick Rubin[/b] produces), earnest affair that sheds the trio’s earthy realness for a glossy veneer which is sometimes thrilling (the majestic [b]‘And It Spread’[/b]) but often, well, nothing more than an unconvincing stab at that most scary of concepts: mainstream country. There’s talent here, for sure – but you can’t help but wonder if the fabled tour support slots with [b]Dave Matthews Band[/b] or [b]Ben Folds[/b] will actually be worth the change in direction.

[b]Matt Wilkinson[/b]

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