Album review: The Black Box Revelation

Album review: The Black Box Revelation


Set Your Head On Fire

It’s difficult to know what to make of The Black Box Revelation, two Belgian teenagers in the blues-rock duo mould whose album is sometimes comically overproduced. They write lyrics that should come with their own laugh-track, yet they’re also capable of summoning some sublimely dumb fun. It’s a conundrum that raises itself regularly on their debut album, because for every ‘Love In Your Head’ (sample lyric: “Life is living in a world without death”) there’s something that’s just silly enough, such as ‘I Think I Like You’ and its great, Kinks-y chorus. While it’s best to pass over their infrequent stabs at actual blues, they deserve pass-marks for their sheer youthful exuberance and knack for daft pop.

Barry Nicolson

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