Album Review: The Black Box Revelation – ‘Silver Threats’ (T For Tunes)

Album Review: The Black Box Revelation - 'Silver Threats' (T For Tunes)


A trip down memory lane worth forgetting

Nostalgia is big business these days. It’s all an incessant hunt for a past that might be ours, or equally might be a history that we were too young to experience the first time around. Into this dreary market come Belgium’s [b]The Black Box Revelation[/b], with a second album of ’70s rock imitations that sound like they were conjured up using [b]Mick Jagger[/b]’s rotten old bones and a couple of [b]Jet[/b] videos. It’s such a painstakingly unoriginal tribute to sleazy rock’n’roll that you almost admire their diligence, but these odes to groupies ([b]‘Do I Know You?’[/b]), being a bit kerrazy ([b]‘Run Wild’[/b]) and, yawn, rebellion ([b]‘You Better Get In Touch With The Devil’[/b]) are the aural equivalent of a ‘Rock Star’ Topman T-shirt.

[b]Rebecca Nicholson[/b]