Album review: The Black Dog

Album review: The Black Dog


Further Vexations

‘CCTV Nation’? ‘We Are Haunted’? The track names on ‘Further…’ suggest that a) Britain is a bit shitty and b) if you take drugs you’ll get paranoid. While there’s nothing more depressing than bringing politics to the party,

the techno veterans’ sound can withstand the Richard Littlejohn diatribes. The amorphous Underground Resistance-style ambience allows machine-rendered melancholy to flow through the record like mercury, while snatches of industrial shunts and tinny clicks add gristle. When they do up the BPM, the effect is subtle; the sleek techno of ‘Stempel’ is destined to soundtrack the filthiest fag-ends of the afterparty. Which, let’s face it, is the only time you’ll be chatting politics anyway.

Louise Brailey

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